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Alternate years for Valentine's Day planning -Decide to have one of you plan Valentine's Day activities and alternate years. Does this open the door for him to do nothing when it's his turn? Possibly. Yet men are competitive and do not like to look bad or be shown up. So, if you show him a great Valentine's Day, the onus is on him to top it the next year.

Perhaps because I have lived in a bustling metropolis for most of my life, an image of a laid back life, even that of a temporary one, never fails to lure me into experiencing it for real. That's what I got staying in one of the bed and breakfast inns in St. Augustine Fl. It was in the heart of St. George Street. It was like being back in the 1900s. Hundred years old Victorian and Spanish houses restored to a combination of present day building strength and old world charm dot the whole of St. Augustine.

When the staff at the backpackers heard about our story they organised a bottle of champagne in celebration of our victory and oh sweet it was. So after popping our bottle of bubbly we headed of to Cape Town's infamous Long Street for dinner. Thank goodness our backpackers' was in walking distance, because I was absolutely starving.

JoJo was surprised to discover that while she loved painting, she also loved making money to be able to take care of herself, as well as entertaining friends and family in her home. Before long, JoJo bought a lovely b&b in need of some TLC, painted every room a rich warm color, filled it with art (hers and others), and opened it to guests year round. That was five years ago, and JoJo loves her new life.

Well, this is a backpacking trip, right? You will likely get a rail pass between cities. Infants under 3 ride free, and older children get deep discounts. Eurail goes to every capital city in Europe, and usually to the downtown area. Trains are fast, smooth and clean, and baby will likely sleep, or older kids will look transfixed out the window. Having a baby with you is always an invitation for smiles, and it is likely you will end up socializing with other passengers.

Miner's Repose Bed and Breakfast Inn, built in 1940, is located in Rock Springs, Wyoming, at 716 B Street, which is part of the historic downtown area. The current owners purchased the home in 2005 and knew right away that the home needed to be a Bed and Breakfast, shared with friends and travelers.

Take walks. The scenery is amazing. My wife and I flew into the airport in Shannon and drove north up the island's west coast from Galway to Donegal. We must have stopped every 30 minutes to get out of the car and walk around. The scenery is absolutely stunning and you can spend an entire day just walking around and looking at the cliffs, the beautiful rolling hills and the thatched-roof cottages that line the west coast.

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